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Climate-smart soils
Cover cropping and the "4 per Thousand" proposal
Societal value of soil carbon
Sustained reduction in CH4 production from long-term addition of 3-nitrooxypropanol to cattle diet
The Nexus of Soil, Water and Waste
The potential of 3-nitrooxypropanol to lower enteric methane emissions from beef cattle


2030 Target Scoping Plan Update
A Framework for Action: The California Nitrogen Assessment
Accessing the Political Landscape: An Early Read
Accounting For Carbon Sequestration on US Rangelands
ACR Update
Addressing Greenhouse Gases in California’s Dairy Sector
Ag Offsets & the Voluntary Market
Aggregation & Verification
Aggregation and Sampling Impact on Low Emission Rice Economics
Agricultural Carbon Accounting: Striking the Balance
Agricultural Land Management
Agricultural Soil Carbon in the Palouse Region
Agriculture: Innovation for a Sustainable World
Alberta Offset Program: Overview of Alberta’s Verification Standards and Guidelines and Lesson’s Lea
American Carbon Registry: Update on Agricultural Offsets
American Carbon Registry: Update on Agricultural Offsets
CA Cap and Trade Extension
CA Soil Health: What is it? How can we measure or monitor it?
California Climate Policy and Agriculture
California's Compliance Offset Program
Canadian (Cross-Border) Panel “FRAGMENTATION NATION”
CAPCOA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Exchange (GHG Rx)
CAPCOA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Exchange (GHG Rx)
Capturing Uncertainty in GHG Biogeochemical Process Modes: A Path Forward for Ag Offset Protocols
Carbon Project Financing
CDFA Dairy Methane Reduction Programs
CDP Agriculture Supply Chain Pilot 2011
CIG Update: CAR
CIG Update: Ducks Unlimited
CIG update: EDF
Climate Change and Agriculture
Climate Change: Challenge and Opportunity
Climate Smart Agriculture and Congress - The 2018 Farm Bill and Beyond...
Climate Smart Agriculture Incentives Programs at CDFA
Climate-Smart Soils
Comet Farm: Whole farm and ranch carbon and greenhouse gas accounting and reporting
COMET-Farm for Water Quality
Conservation Finance
Conserving Grasslands Using Carbon Finance
Corporate Partnerships and Conservation Finance
Cow of the Future
Creating Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions Offsets in U.S. Agriculture
Dairy Digester Research and Development Program (DDRDP)
Demonstrating GHG Emissions Reductions in California and Midsouth Rice Production
DNDC Model Validation and Quantification of Structural Uncertainty
DNDC Modeling Update
Farm-level full GHG accounting with COMET-Farm
Farmland Preservation in Monterey County
Federal Climate Policy
Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
GRAMP: Features to Help Model Changes in Soil Carbon and Nitrogen
Greenhouse gas mitigation in the US livestock sector
Greenhouse Gas-related Efforts in the USDA-NRCS
Healthy Soils Initiative and Incentives program
Healthy Soils Program
Insights into Verification Challenges
Inventory of U.S.GHG Emissions and Sinks
Investing in Rangeland Offsets
Livestock Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
Maine Earth Smart "Farming for the Future"
MARINER: Expanding Agriculture into the Ocean
Maryland's Water Quality and Carbon Trading Programs
Monsanto Carbon Neutral Collaborative
National Climate Policy – Current Landscape
Natural Climate Solutions
NERP - Protocol 'Plus'
Nitrogen Credit Program
Nitrogen Fertilizer Management CIG
Nitrogen Fertilizer Management CIG
Offset Project Verification
Offsets Implementation Cost Containment
Oklahoma Carbon Program
Operational Tillage Information System: Tracking Conservation Practices at Field to Watershed Scales
Operationalizing the Rice Protocol
OpTIS: Using Remote Sensing Data to Map Conservation Ag Practices
Overview of AB 32 and the Scoping Plan
Overview of AB 32, Cap and Trade Program
Overview of the EPRI-MSI Nitrous Oxide Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offsets Methodology
Overview of the EPRI-MSU Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions Reduction Offsets Methodology
Panel Discussion: Comparing Nitrous Oxide Reduction Protocols
Perspectives on Project Development
Presentation - The Legal Status of Environmental Credit Stacking
Registry Update
Responses of Soil Organic Carbon from Organic Amendments
Rice and Greenhouse Gas Opportunities:
Role of California Agriculture in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Role of Satellite Based Remote Sensing for Measuring, Monitoring and Verifying Ag GHG Emissions
SHI: Measuring Soil Health and Soil Carbon
Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy
Soil Health and Soil Carbon
Soil Health Champions Network
Soil Health Institute and FFAR Update
Soil Health Partnership Overview
Soil Health Partnership: Efforts for Integration
Soil Health Partnership: What Does the Data Show?
Soil Nitrous Oxide Metamodel Update and Uncertainty Method
Some California research on GHG emissions and farmland preservation
State of the Science: Modeling N2O using the DNDC Model
State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program
Stewardship Engagement Initiative
Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Program Updates
Sustainable Rice Farming
Technical Working Group on Agricultural GHG
Technical Working Group on Agricultural GHG
Technical Working Group on Agricultural GHG
Temporal Changes in SOC, Tillage, and Land Use Across the US
Temporary Carbon Storage and a Case Study for Orchards
TERRA-ROOTS: A New Horizon for Sustainable Crop Production
The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture
The Smart Growth Case for Farmland Conservation
The Soil Health Partnership
U.S. Dairy Sustainability Commitment
U.S. Dairy Sustainability Commitment
U.S. Dairy Sustainability Commitment Measurement to Innovation
Uncertainty in Models and Agricultural Offset Protocols
Update on CAR Agriculture Protocol Development
Update on Climate Action Reserve Agriculture Protocol Development
US Climate Alliance and Agriculture
USDA-NRCS GHG Emissions and Carbon Sequestration Efforts
Using Targeted Efforts to Improve Soil Health
Verification for Agricultural GHG Protocols
Verification Panel
What Buyers Look for in Agricultural Credits?
Working Lands Carbon Fund CIG


Agriculture at COP-16
C-AGG Presentation

White Papers & Summaries

Earth Smart | Crop and Land Management
Earth Smart | Forest Management
Earth Smart | Manure Management
Earth Smart | Pasture and Grazing Management
Paper - The Legal Status of Environmental Credit Stacking