Notice of C-AGG Closing

Dear C-AGG supporters, stakeholders and friends,

Over the last two years, C-AGG has undergone significant changes as an organization. We scaled down the number of meetings each year, and although we have continued supporting key initiatives and organizations, have been internally looking at what is next for our organization. Additionally, as many of you know, I have also taken on the role of Executive Director of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC). Thayer Tomlinson and Shiva Scotti have also taken on additional work (including Shiva joining me at ESMC), so our team and capacity has lessened. After much careful thought and deliberation, we have decided to sunset the organization as of May 31, 2020. We will keep this C-AGG website active through the end of 2020 so you can continue to access meeting reports, presentations, white papers and the many other resources our organization has developed over the past eleven years.

We have been extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to engage and collaborate with all of you and believe that the roles you have played in advancing both our mission and the missions of your organizations has been of immense value to the agricultural sector, academia, policymakers and industry. Our community of practitioners and participants grew considerably since we formed in 2009, and it is significant that many of our original participants have continued on with us. Together we helped to build capacity, knowledge, tools, decision support systems, carbon market methodologies and refinements, and insights to create opportunities to engage farmers and ranchers in carbon and environmental markets. Engaging and translating those opportunities to help inform national and sub-national policies and programs has also been exciting and rewarding, and we know that through all of your continued efforts this work will continue and grow.

So, what does the future hold? We are all in this together, and only by continuing our collective efforts to tackle climate change together and by sharing our resources will we succeed. We sincerely thank you all for your participation in C-AGG throughout the organization’s history—and hope that the collaboration and consensus building developed through our convenings will live on in your and our collective efforts.


Debbie, Thayer and Shiva


 C-AGG is the leading US multi-stakeholder organization focused on creating voluntary, market-based and incentive-based sustainable agriculture and climate change solutions for farmers, ranchers and society. Our collaborative forum catalyzes change by overcoming challenges and sharing successes to help farmers and ranchers become more efficient, profitable, productive and sustainable.

We create partnerships by convening farmers, ranchers, government agencies, conservation organizations, carbon market registries, project developers and investors in a dedicated, longstanding forum.

We build consensus on incentive-based innovative solutions for agriculture and society by developing and promoting science-based policies, programs, projects, tools, and decision support systems.

We develop opportunities and accelerate change across organizations, sectors, and regions through leadership and collaborative engagement in other forums, including internationally.

We share information and successful outcomes through our weekly newsletter and our website to spotlight relevant reports, activities, meetings, and organizations.

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