C-AGG is proud to add our name to a list of organizations who have accepted the US Climate Alliance (USCA) Natural and Working Lands (NWL) Challenge. The USCA is a bipartisan coalition of governors from 16 states and Puerto Rico committed to reducing GHG emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement. USCA has identified enhancing carbon sequestration on natural and working lands as a key near-term opportunity for achieving its climate goals. Through the NWL Initiative, USCA states are pursuing opportunities to increase carbon storage in natural and working lands such as farms, rangelands, forests, and wetlands. USCA invites all national and subnational jurisdictions, tribes, businesses, and other actors to make commitments to reduce GHG emissions and protect and enhance carbon sequestration across all natural and working lands by signing on to the NWL Challenge. C-AGG’s Challenge acceptance includes: “As our part in the Challenge, C-AGG will support the U.S. Climate Alliance and its member states improve and protect carbon stores in natural and working lands as a pathway to meeting climate change goals. We will work with the U.S. Climate Alliance and member states through our collaborative engagement forum to bring key agriculture stakeholders to the table; highlight the importance of increasing soil carbon to mitigate the majority of agricultural sector GHG emissions; work with our participating organizations to identify solutions for agricultural GHG reduction pathways, practices, and policies; and improve agricultural resilience to climate change and its impacts.”

On June 1, 2018, C-AGG announced a partnership with the Natural and Working Lands (NWL) Initiative of USCA. We encourage you all to accept the NWL Challenge; if you do, please share your announcement with C-AGG and we can include it in our weekly newsletter.