C-AGG is proud to be a part of the US Climate Alliance (USCA) Natural and Working Lands Challenge being announced at the Global Climate Action Summit this week in San Francisco, CA. On August 23, 2018, the Alliance committed to the collective goal of maintaining natural and working lands as a resilient net sink of carbon by creating a Natural and Working Lands Challenge. The Challenge builds on the successes and outcomes of the Natural and Working Lands 3-day Learning Lab held in July 2018 in Washington, DC. As an organizational partner of the Natural and Working Lands Initiative, C-AGG played a leading role at the Learning Lab by coordinating key agricultural experts to help coach 16 USCA States on creating plans for agriculture, rangeland, forest, and wetlands in each state.

The Alliance notes that achieving the Natural and Working Lands Challenge will require everything from improving GHG inventories for land use and identifying best practices for climate-smart land management to advancing programs, policies and incentives to reduce GHG emissions and enhance resilient carbon sequestration. The Alliance also established a critical milestone: to integrate priority actions and pathways for natural and working lands into state GHG mitigation plans by 2020. The Alliance is undertaking a 2-year effort to increase technical capacity and share knowledge to comprehensively understand and address the risks to carbon storage as well as opportunities to increase sequestration and reduce GHG emissions. C-AGG looks forward to continuing our partnership with the Alliance to support this critically important Challenge. To more fully involve our community in this work, C-AGG has invited Julie Cerqueira, the Executive Director of the Alliance, to our October C-AGG meeting to provide an update on the Natural and Working Lands Initiative.