C-AGG is pleased to post the meeting summary, presentations, and participant list from the November 29 – 30, 2017 meeting in Washington DC. All materials are available on the meeting web page. The summary includes highlights of presentations and discussions, and key findings and outcomes, including:

  • Incentive programs that reward farmers to improve soil health through practice changes (e.g., cover crops and conservation tillage) can help scale beneficial outcomes.
  • Ecosystem service markets may offer greater opportunities for dynamic agricultural production systems than carbon offset markets.
  • Farmer data is valuable not only to them but also to agricultural companies, researchers, and policy makers.
  • New agricultural technologies—from embedded soil sensors, to satellite-based methane detection systems, to the work undertaken by ARPA-E—present opportunities for advanced understanding of soil health and systems dynamics.
  • USDA GHG CIG project developers and participants continue to report that project development takes longer than anticipated, and project implementation is quite often more complex than anticipated.