Debbie will be in Bonn, Germany to attend the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23) meeting which is taking place 6-17 November. C-AGG is an official NGO observer to the UNFCCC process, and our participation is focused on elevating attention to the beneficial role the agricultural sector can play in GHG mitigation and to the multiple additional benefits climate smart agriculture can produce, including climate resilience and adaption to climate change, as well as delivering multiple ecosystem services and natural resource conservation to society.  We also share the many challenges and successes we have learned through C-AGG and our 170+ participants in order to help build GHG mitigation capacity across the global agricultural sector.

Debbie will participate in particular in Agriculture Day activities at COP23. A full day’s activities and events will focus on Agriculture on Friday, November 10 as part of the Global Climate Action (GCA) themes at the Bonn negotiations. Sessions will highlight agricultural-based climate solutions, including Unlocking the Potential of Soil Organic Carbon for Climate Change Action; Downloading Climate Data to Grow Agriculture; Low Carbon Livestock: Moving Forward; and Managing Water Scarcity for Agriculture. Debbie will share C-AGG’s relevant activities in this area, including the work underway in Andhra Pradesh, to build resilience, adaptation and GHG mitigation among more than 500,000 small-holder farmers (see related story).