At the C-AGG July 2017 meeting in Chicago, we once again reviewed our guiding principles to ensure they continue to reflect and inform the work of our multi-stakeholder coalition. The nine C-AGG Guiding Principles were developed in 2009 and have guided our work in designing policies, programs, and tools to enable the agricultural sector to participate effectively in the effort to mitigate climate change. Each time we have revisited these Principles in the past we decided not to update them, believing that they continued to reflect our principles and our work appropriately.

During the meeting in Chicago, it was agreed that some updates to the Principles were in order. Based on feedback received during the meeting, we revised the Guiding Principles and shared this revision with the C-AGG community in August 2017, with a request for comments and feedback. After receiving comments on the proposed revisions, we are pleased to release our updated Guiding Principles that we know will continue to help us in our efforts to scale voluntary, incentive-based agricultural GHG mitigation opportunities.